Thread Selection for Flame Resistant Protective ClothingTHREAD SELECTION FOR FLAME RESISTANT PROTECTIVE CLOTHING

This booklet is a compilation of information that we believe to be valuable for both manufacturers and purchasers of FR textile products. The objective of this guide is to offer you information about the sewing threads that are currently available for use in manufacturing FR protective clothing and equipment. Of particular importance is how these threads perform during the manufacturing of FR protective clothing products, and also how well they perform under actual field conditions. When safety can "hang by a thread" it's imperative to have the best. Contact us for a copy.

Technical Service Bulletin #4TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN #4

This booklet is a compilation of information that we believe to be valuable for manufacturers and purchasers of Flame Retardant (FR) textile products. Contact us for a copy.


A comparison of the thermal properties of sewing threads - from cotton to quartz.
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Structural Integrity: How FR Clothing Binds Strength & PerformanceSTRUCTURAL INTEGRITY: HOW FR CLOTHING BINDS STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE

How FR Clothing Binds Strength & Performance – This magazine reprint will provide you with basic information about sewing threads and why sewing thread is important as a contributor to long term durability of protective clothing. Download PDF

Mechanic's Guide for Flame Resistant (FR) Sewing ThreadMECHANIC'S GUIDE FOR FLAME RESISTANT (FR) SEWING THREAD

When mechanics in a mattress factory get a call about a machine being down, they are expected to do a variety of different tasks quickly so that sewing operators can get back to work and meet daily production quotas. This illustrated guide was developed to help mechanics better understand how to solve the different challenges they face when using flame resistant (FR) sewing thread in mattress manufacturing. It includes discussion of the following:

  • Why is CRAQ-SPUN® para-aramid sewing thread the better choice for production and performance?
  • Will FR Sewing Thread Affect Stitch Formation and Sewing Efficiency?
  • How Will FR Sewing Thread Affect Equipment, Productivity, Quotas, Operating Efficiency, and Quality?
  • Manufacturing Quality Defects
  • How Can Fire Barriers Affect Stitching?
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